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Dr. Tracy Ransome Shows How Breathing & Body Connection Can Support Your Spine

Ep 11 of healthAddiKt: Holistic Health and Wellbeing

I had the privilege to have met with Dr. Tracy Ransome for a Network Spinal Analysis appointment prior to this interview. Obviously, I had no idea, what was about to happen, I thought it was going to be your standard Chiropractic appointment with maybe a little bit of Dr. Tracy Ransome Flare :)

Boy, was I in for a treat! Dr. Tracy Ransome has an amazing technique... from my perspective her technique comes from a foundation of light touch and breathing, which of course sounds way to easy to produce results, however they stuck with me! Of course their is way more to it than this, and much more happening behind the scenes, but I do my best here to drive the answers out of her for the audience to learn from.

She was kind enough to share one of the simple breathing techniques that can allow you to get in touch with your body, and I have to tell you the results are powerful. Even the powerful Tony Robbins has worked with this method.

Also, feel free to jump on to her website so you can learn more, she had a ton of valuable information 

You can find Dr. Tracy Ransome here:


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