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Michelle Lewis Shares How She Healed DISease and You Can Too 

Ep 9 of healthAddiKt: Holistic Health and Wellbeing

Michelle Lewis was born with Hyline Membrane Disease. This DISease put her body into trauma where she was constantly in pain, having continuous organ failures, bronchitis, pneumonia, illness, migraines... you name it! She was basically in and out of the hospital all her life. Then 7 years ago she discovered Raphaology and did a complete 360 with her life.

Michelle now has multiple companies all centered around well being. Here she shares about her now thriving and vibrant life full of health and freedom. She got her Doctorate in Raphaology and supports women in living the life they choose too, all by design.

We talk about being in alignment with your dreams, coming from a mindset including physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance. She also shares with us some fascinating facts around plant based living with Raphaology and herbs. Also, something interesting that's completely news to me about many people with gluten intolerances!

Some of the things we talked about today are the 3 main changes we can make to our diet routine for immediate healing.

1- Probiotics {Solaray Multidophilus 20billion}

2- RealSalt { or any Whole Foods}

3- Thyme herb {sprinkle on food or use as a hot tea}

These are great tips to jumpstart digestion, increase our minerals {which stave off any kind of virus + bacteria} + boost our pancreas {our balance organ}.

We invite you to join this health evolution focused on reducing unnecessary medications and surgeries. Support us in teaching people how to maintain optimal health. Inform the world about proven, ancient healing methods and welcome them to the #MainstreamMission! Please share with your community!

You can find Michelle Lewis here:

Instagram: @mymichellelewis




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